Main activities

Develop and test an innovative approach to the integration of refugees at a local level: methodology, guidelines to be followed by sociocultural instructors in the development of workshops.

Pilot projects: in each partner city (Pisa, Forest, Lorca, Liverpool , Prague), setting-up of an audiovisual creation workshop for young people, 15 to 24 , refugees and natives of pilot municipalities.These workshops must bring together young people from different cultures.

Awarness campaing in the pilotes cities: a team of researchers and professionals chosen by the partners is tasked with developing a series of innovative, concrete, awareness-raising tools, with the aim of changing the mentality, at least in part, vis-à-vis the refugees. and encourage a greater culture of respect and tolerance.

  • Produce music videos for students, youth, teachers – to better understand what it means to be a refugee, to reflect and to better understand where it comes from, its culture, its values.
  • Drafting of an awareness manual – intercultural education for teachers to positively address the refugee issue in schools.

Awareness-raising dossier: development, research, production and drafting of teaching material for schools. Introducing the subject for refugees in schools and among children is important.

Dissemination and exploitation: website, film documentary, publications.

Information seminars in each pilot city: aimed at public, local, regional members of the administration.