Image-in workshop students

Pilot projects

Organization of an audiovisual creation workshop aiming at integrating young refugees within the local community and promoting a better culture of respect and tolerance. Pilot project aimed at becoming a good practice that can be transferred throughout Europe. 5 pilot projects in 5 Cities: Forest (Belgium), Pisa (Italy), Lorca (Spain), Liverpool (United-Kingdom), Prague (Czech Repulic). In each partner city, setting-up of an audiovisual creation workshop for young people, 15 to 24, refugees and natives of pilot municipalities, according to to the methodology developed in phase. These workshops must bring together young people from different cultures. Each workshop will deal with a common theme: respect, fight against racist hatred towards “strangers”.

Expected results

  • Help young refugees and non refugees to work together, to develop together a cultural or play activity, to better involve themselves into society.
  • Favour intercultural dialogue and self-respect, initiative, expression, self-confidence.
  • Encourage young people to involve themselves in a project of dialogue and tolerance.
  • Participation of young refugees in local life, reduce isolation and compartmentalization.
  • Test and carry-out an in-the field and educational action directly at a local level, able to fight discriminations against refugees and become a model of better management of diversity at a local level.
  • Provide new skills, a professional springboard for young people, young refugees more particularly.
  • Provide a linguistic support for a better integration locally.
  • Generate an audiovisual creation area for young people from multicultural backgrounds, city outskirts and areas with a high rate of migrants.