Pilot project in Liverpool

4.1 – Preparation pilot projects (detailed description + agenda)

We are working alongside Solo Arts who are a community organisation with experience and expertise in working with young refugees and migrants. They have staff who can provide technical support for the film, youth workers and translators. We will be providing the creative team who will be leading the development of the work. We are starting to deliver the workshops in February and they will run on Saturdays up to June. We have identified 20 young people age 13-16 of which 10 are refugees/migrants. They will attend regular classes. The first few weeks will be around developing trust, building skills in film making and getting to know each other. We will be introducing them to a range a film making skills including stop animation, natural film and documentary style. We are not going to overly plan the sessions as we want to be guided by the young peoples interests and skills. After each session we will plan the next weeks session.

4.2 – Preparatory meetings in reception centers: one meeting per month in each city

We have been meeting regularly with the team a both Rare and Solo arts. Our most recent planning meeting was yesterday and involved the entire team. We are now meeting weekly on the lead up to the project delivery. We will meet before each session and after to debrief and plan the way forward, discuss any issues and devise the project further. We next meet on Monday 21st January and then before the open day on Saturday 26th January.

4.3 – Info days: a presentation morning in each city

This is planned for Saturday 26th January from 11-2pm at Rare and all parents and young people are invited along to find out more about the project. All staff involved will be present.

4.4 – Local promotion: distribution posters, gadgets, and leaflets

We have created a flyer for the project which has been sent to schools and community organisations. But we also rely on personal engagement. Solo arts have meet individually with all the young people interested to explain the project as we felt that the building of trust in this way is important and key to getting commitment to the project. We will be issuing a press release and inviting the press and social media influencers to our launch event on 26th January.