Pilot project in Prague

4.1 Préparation projets pilotes (detailed description + agenda)

In September, OPU established a communication strategy, including the external profile of the project – a form of visual and linguistic communication focused on youth aged 15-24. In addition, we created merch products – pens that will be used to promote the project, T-shirts designed for the final set up of the 20-member Image.in team. We searched for graphics and consulted promotional materials related to youth recruitment – i.e. info days. We set dates for info days, negotiated space rental. OPU also negotiated the printing of promo materials (brochures, posters, banners). Image.in - OPU promotion leaflet In October, OPU set up the final Team Image.in composed of four people (two local coordinators, film-maker and expert). We have decided to diminish the role of language couch, whose services would only be used if it is necessary in view of the characteristics of the target group. In point of view of the Prague context, we have decided that there will be very limited participation in Czech language courses because young people from abroad are extensively integrated in Prague, their parents are mostly migrants who live in the Czech Republic for a long time rather than refugees or applicants (which is why we decided to use language coaches according to their needs only during the start of the workshops and that we will focus primarily on migrants rather than on refugees). We made clear to the team and beneficiaries the starting points, procedures, procedures and objectives of the project – financial area, logistics area, target group. We also met the film maker, presented our goals and requirements, the film maker introduced us to his works, ideas, conditions and visions of the workshop implementation. Also in October, OPU harmonized of the basics and development of the project with ways of conducting workshops by the film maker. We put together the possible content of workshops (techniques, pedagogical-psychological procedures). The team agreed that the output of the Image.in team will be a professional hip hop music video from a Prague rap artist (to be clarified). Also in October (24.-25.10. 2018) – OPU finalized the contents of the first phase of the course – theory and set the schedule – dates: 15.1., 22.1.,, 23.2., 5.3. Destination and settlement of the place – House of National Minorities / Barracks of Karlín / Prague. Content of the theoretical phase of workshops – ice-breaking techniques, presentation of film maker (his work), long-term task for participants in workshops – “old school shooting” theoretical knowledge – filmmaking vocabulary, film genres, staff, role, technique, theoretical skills – basic work with technique, composition of the subject, static X movement, play of light / shadow / darkness, micro vs landscape; work with photocamera and professional light, with film-maker assistance teamwork filming, open-air interier / exterier, scenes of music video clips, excursions – film studios Barrandov, NaFilm! In November 2018, OPU created the content of the second phase of the project – practice. Schedule setting – dates: 12.3, 19.3. and the whole weekend (4x4hrs) – either 6th-7.4th or 13th-14th April. Talk to a musical interpreter for future collaboration. Talk to FilmCrew to rent film technology and determine which technique to go. 21.11. 2018 – Creating second and third stage content of the project – practice and editing. Schedule Date: 12.2., 26.2., 26.3., 23.4. Content of the edit phase: Editing Presentation (Effects, Editing, Visual Editing), Adobe Premier, Analysis of Music Video Clips. 30.11. 2018 – Completing the content of all stages of the course.

4.2 Rencontres préparatoires au sein des centres d´accueil: une recontre par mois dans chaque ville

16.10. 2018 – The Image.in Team has set a timeline for the implementation of the entire video creation course. Established places for project promotion, including possible cooperation with various institutions (Pragensis, CIC, ICP, InBase, SIMI, Hanoi, Aviette, ProximaSociale, …). We also focus on organizations working with children from socially disadvantaged families (eg Club R-Mosty). 22.11. 2018 – The Image.in team arranged the premises for the realization of info days (Scout Institute), evaluated the way the project was promoted (places – schools, organizations, …) 10.12. 2018 – The Image.in team completes the locations, times, logistics with regard to the implementation of the project.

4.3 Info days: une matinée de présentation dans chaque ville

17.-19.12. took place at the Scout Institute at Staroměstský nám. 1/4 so-called “info days” during which the general public could learn more about the Image.in project, its goals and assumptions, the schedule of the course, the content of each workshop, etc. The “info days” included brochures and gadgets ) which were freely available for course participants. The co-ordinators had gadgets – T-shirts that will be available after selecting the candidates and all participants in the course. Image.in - OPU promotion t-shirt The project co-ordinators first filled out a questionnaire and then interviewed them. Subsequently, the filmmaker was able to see the film maker’s work, which was projected on canvas in a loop (documentary, video clips, wedding videos, etc.). Those who completed the online registration questionnaire in advance had a straight interview. All those interested could then talk to the film maker himself. We have chosen to make “info days” behind each other, 3 consecutive days in December, instead of implementation each month between October and December. The reason for this change was, in our opinion, a higher level of efficiency, which, in our opinion, results from a strict separation of the promotion and realization of info days (firstly propagation promotional material in the public, private and virtual space, followed by info days). If there are info days in a row, it is also easier to remember and orientable, while the potential candidate chooses the most suitable day (Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday). Approximately 60 people arrived. Of all ages, but at most 15-17 years of age, of men. Altogether, they were originators from 9 countries (CR, Yemen, Kurdistan, Afghanistan, Congo, Russia, Ukraine, Vietnam, China). Most of them never had the experience of filming and making videos, some were slightly advanced.

4.4. Promotion locale: distribution posters, gadgets, et depliants

On October 19, Image.in team coordinator met with representatives of the non-profit organization CIC, which has long been working with foreigners. The CIC conducts projects focused on educational activities and career counseling for unemployed foreigners, as well as the Ateliér talentů (Talent Atelier) project, which aims to support the self-realization of foreigners in the field of art, musical, musical, etc. In addition, they also implement foreign language courses. It is therefore an organization that is suitable for meetings and which could offer valuable experience or advice for our project. We met a CIC deputy, introduced the project, talked about the target and where to look for it. The deputy has referred us to META, o.p.s, who also works with foreigners and with whom the CIC cooperates on one project aimed directly at foreign-born youth. On November 20, the Image.in Team met with a representative of the CIC. A presentation of the Image.in project was carried out, and the deputy offered help with further propagation of materials (posters, brochures) to other suitable public and private places. The tip was Tea Room A Maze In Tchaiovna, where the target group meets. As far as journalism is concerned, she offered contact to Radio Hit, and then to Wave radio. The Council was also able to contact some low-threshold organizations, such as the Salvation Army, R-Mosta, and Ulita – especially for the 10 participants from the Czech Republic who are associated with these organizations. That the project would be more appreciated by young people coming from families with lower socio-economic status. The more they will be amateurs who do not have the opportunity to devote themselves to audiovisual works, the more they will be individualized, they will develop their competencies, personal development, self-realization and efficiency in terms of collective work and overall attitude towards refugees or foreigners in general xenophobia and racism). On November 20, 2018 Image.in’s coordinator met with representatives of the non-profit organization META, o.p.s, where the Image.in project was presented. The organization promised to help promote the project, contributed by the experience of working with youth-foreigners. META long-term organizes courses for this target group, especially for those who are no longer able to reach the primary school in the Czech Republic or to the first years of secondary schools due to lack of knowledge. They therefore focus on those who still have a problem with linguistic and social integration that are in the so-called “drop-out” mode. With META representatives, we mainly addressed the problem of motivation of the target group in relation to the project’s objective effectiveness, in connection with the time organization of the project workshops themselves. That target group may have a problem with the length of individual workshops (4 hours) and the whole course (4 months) due to the context of Prague. They advised us that the most effective thing would be to promote the project mainly on soc. networks and that it would be advisable to create a suggestive video to promote a project that would be inserted into the fb site. It also recommended other organizations and associations with which we can join, namely VietUp, who are focusing on 2 nd and 3 rd generation Vietnamese (but already more integrated), ProximaSociale, who also focus on young people of Czech descent, of course in a socially weaker environment – those who would be able to work with audiovisual technology and the financial impossibility of doing so individually in this area. In META, a worker who has been working with children from ZDC – a facility for children of foreigners who will help us to promote the project. On November 20, 2018, the Image.in Team met with representatives of the nonprofit organization InBase, z.s. This organization has long been working with foreign-born youth, mostly with children aged 10-15, but also older than 16-17 years. Every week, cultural and creative encounters, workshops, physical activities, excursions, etc. are being realized. During the meeting there was a presentation of the Image.in project and exchanged experience including advice on increasing the efficiency not only of the promotion but also of the subsequent implementation of the project itself. As far as promotion is concerned, it was recommended to use the OAMP space as well. It was also stated that there might be a problem with the age group 16-17 in terms of their free time, that there are many projects to which this target group is already involved. Another advice was to involve in the project implementation as organizers or assistants, such as FAMU students, who would like to be able to attend an internship at the OPU, while helping volunteers with workshops. Their recommendation was to try to implement workshops on weekends. 23.11.-24.11. Team Image.in took advantage of the opportunity to visit the Secondary School Fair where information on entrance examinations was available to 9th grade students and other school-related information. These were secondary vocational schools, secondary vocational schools, grammar schools and higher vocational schools. The Image.in team has walked around with posters and brochures on individual stands and offered the materials to promote the project at local schools. There was a warm welcome, about 70 schools were always given a variety of promotional materials, all school representatives liked the project and promised promotional help. The Image.in Team in its promotional activities preferred those schools that are not primarily focused on audio-visual production due to the increased need for our project by potential student participants. Based on the principle of not harnessing “wood into the woods”, we focused on schools whose pupils may be interested in taking pictures or making videos out of school in their free time. The only exception was the school of Náhorní High School, which is artistically oriented and who showed a great interest in our project, we talked about possible cooperation and eventual meeting and presentation of the project right at school. On November 30, 2018, the Image.in team met with representatives of the Hanoi Club, which has long been working with Vietnamese youth, and an educational organization Aviette, which brings together up to 250 young Vietnamese who are further educating them over regular curriculum. Representatives of both organizations have had a great interest in the project, are willing to help with the promotion and extend the project further among the Vietnamese community. Image.in - Pilot Project in Prague On 11th and 12th December 2018, the local coordinator went to the local high school where the Image.in project was represented by the students in many classes. The objectives of the project and the content itself, ie the means of achieving this goal (through audiovisual works), were presented. The room was also a question, many students wondered if they needed to have some experience and skills. Another question was, by what criteria the participants will be selected including questions about the ratio of participants from Czech Republic and other countries. The answer was that they may be amateurs, and that the criteria are more, one of them is cultural diversity, others are socio-economic, subjective interest in the subject, availability and time availability, more subtle, difficult to detect factors such as trust and motivation (these factors will be mapped to info days). Many pupils and students liked the project, some say they arrive at the info days to know more.